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Tick Disease Prevention Starts with Tick Safety

Ticks can carry many different diseases: Lyme disease, Powassan, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to name a few. Ticks are also fairly sneaky creatures. They are small and can attach to you without you even knowing. At home, our tick prevention treatments are the best way to stay protected from tick bites. As we always say, you can’t get bitten by ticks you don’t have. But we now that you want to get out and enjoy all types of outdoor activities here and in other parts of the country as well. So we’ve had some safety precautions you can follow to protect yourself and family from ticks when you are out enjoying the world.

Prepare Yourself Before You Go Out

  • Wear light-colored clothes. They make ticks easier to see and brush off before they have the chance to latch on.
  • Tuck your pants in your socks. Ticks hover on the tips of grass and brush, so they start out low to the ground. This helps keep the ticks on clothing and not under it.
  • Use spray repellent that contains permethrin or Deet. Spray your skin and even your clothes. It keeps the ticks off.
  • Keep a lint roller by the door. You can use it to pick up the tiniest of ticks that rest on your clothes even if you didn’t see them.

And Again Once You Are Back Home

Even if you think you’ve done everything to prepare before you go out, that doesn’t mean these elusive little pests can’t sneak their way onto you. So it’s best to take a few more precautions once you go home. Put your clothes in the dryer on high for 30 minutes before you throw them in the washer or hamper. Take a shower as soon as you can.

It’s Important To Check From Head to Toe

  • Start at your feet
  • Look between your toes and behind your knees and in other crevices where they might hide.
  • Feel your way up using your hands and eyes. Check belly buttons, armpits, groin area.
  • Check your neck, hairline, scalp, and behind your ears.
  • If your hair is long and thick you might consider having someone check with you.

Ticks can show up in places you don’t consider so daily checks aren’t a bad idea. They can be in the park or your neighbors’ untreated lawn and before you know it they’ve hitched a ride home with you.

If you do find a tick then follow the instructions on this short video from TickEncounter Resource Center for removal.

You might consider saving the tick in a jar with the date you removed it for a month or two. This way if you start to show signs of illness the actual tick can be used for diagnosis. Just because a tick bites you, it doesn’t mean you’ll get sick. Some tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme, require 24-48 hours of attachment before they transmit disease. The suggested daily checks can help to keep you protected from disease.

And of course at home lower risks for tick-borne illnesses by using our tick control treatment programs at Mosquito Squad of the North Shore. Call us today for an estimate. 978-528-4983

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