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Mosquito Squad of the North Shore Reviews & Testimonials

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Excellent service and product
Mark H., Middleton, MA

The service actually works. I appreciate the calls and reminders which help keep my pet safe. I even recommended my neighbors call and they did!
Doug & Stacy G, Beverly MA

Great service!
Carolyn K., Ipswich, MA

Consistency and follow through. You say you will notify us you will be there the next day, the hour before, and you are.
Effectiveness of products…it does what it is intended to do. We have reclaimed our back yard.

John K., Wenham MA

It works. Ticks are gone, and it was bad before.
Jon F., Reading MA

It made it possible to go out in my backyard
Carolyn N;, Gloucester MA

Consistency, professionalism
Patricia L., Newburyport MA

First and foremost – I didn’t have ONE tick on me this year!! And the mosquitoes were practically non-existent. I also like that you come in and spray – without requiring someone to be home. We just installed a pool and wanted to be able to use it throughout the Summer. Hiring Mosquito Squad was one of the best decisions we made. We had a very wet Spring and the mosquitoes were ready to attack! With the barrier spray, we didn’t see one mosquito until after 9:30pm and even then it wasn’t many. Prior to the spray – we were indoors as soon as the sun started to set…. BIG difference!!
Kim B., Boxford MA

Effective. (It really works!) …and all the staff are so friendly and helpful.
Marcia P., Manchester MA

We felt that the service really helped in minimizing the mosquito activity this summer. Compared to other years we spent more time outdoors in the evening. Also liked the reminders for spray dates and that you came and went without interfering with our home activity.
Ann T., Rockport MA

This is the first summer in years we enjoyed being outside in the yard and sitting on our deck. No bites all summer. Grandchildren played on swings without having to use a deet based bug spray. Plus, no ticks!
Diane M., Boxford MA

Like protection from insect born illnesses
Jennifer G., Hamilton MA

Punctual, dependable, hard working to service my account
Perrotta P., Lawrence MA

The Guarantee and the fact the mosquitoes are gone and you can sit or go outside without being swarmed. Also, we don’t need to worry about the ticks either.
Alan E., Wenham MA

The schedule and the reminder are helpful. Being able to use my yard into the evening is nice as well.
Michael C., Wilmington MA

They work.
Joshua G., North Andover MA

Good service
Linda D., Essex MA

Dependable, easy to communicate with, reminder emails & phone calls, flexible schedule for party planning…good company to work with.
Richard B., Danvers MA

Prompt, attentive and always keeping me informed.
Lisa L., North Andover MA

Found services very effective and staff was courteous.
Laura P., Wenham MA

Excellent service!
Sumeeta M., North Andover MA

It works!
Len P., North Reading MA

Great service and communication
Nick D., Reading MA

It works
Julie B., Beverly MA

No Mosquitoes!
Deborah N., North Andover MA

No bugs!
Grace H., North Reading MA

You called me back promptly whenever I called and the difference after you sprayed was amazing! From not being able to go outside without being swarmed, even at mid-day, to being able to sit out in the early evening it was a wonderful change. We literally were not able to be outside, even with bug spray on, before you came and the dogs carried mosquitoes in whenever they came inside as well. Worth every penny!
Wendy W., Wenham MA

The results are great.
Otto Z., North Andover MA

I like that I can actually enjoy my backyard. At first, I was kind of skeptical of signing up for the service. It is now the middle of July and I can sit on my back deck without any bug spray. I have seen very little mosquitoes and absolutely no ticks. My neighbors are also very pleased with the service because they have seen a decreased amount of mosquitoes in their property.
Chris G., Rowley MA

Regaining worry free land use in the summer.
Wolfgang L., North Reading MA

The shrinking mosquito population. Love to be able to take the dogs out at night without being carried away by mosquitoes.
Charles F., North Andover MA

When they treat our property they are courteous to the neighbors around us. We always receive a call before they come. The product works, less mosquitoes, and little to no ticks.
Anthony & Lis R., Essex MA

Your staff is great
Chris G., Middleton MA

Convenience and quality
Sam F., Groveland MA

Very reliable and professional. I have seen huge improvements in our mosquito issues.
Darlene V., Saugus MA

On time. Friendly service. Always alerted ahead of time for each service.
Lorrie O., North Andover MA

It seems to work and makes our pool area accessible in the evenings. previously we could not be out by the pool at dusk and in the evening> Both of my neighbors have become clients
Michael D., North Reading MA

your price is very competitive. staff is very friendly
Debra S., Peabody MA

You came when you said you would come and you were very thorough. Covered all the necessary areas to keep of bug free.
Jude M., Newbury MA

Never had a Mosquito or Tick issue all season.
Geoff L., Georgetown MA

Your product works! I was very pleased with the product and with the service, your office staff is great and very accommodating and the technicians are courteous and timely which is really appreciated with a puppy and kids at home, the calls before service allowed me to coordinate with the dog walker to protect our puppy. Thanks for a great season of work, looking forward to next year
Stacy C., Beverly MA

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