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Beverly MA mosquito control

It’s had to imagine something so tiny could be so dangerous, but that’s exactly what mosquitoes are — they’re the most dangerous animals in the world. They carry so many diseases it’s hard to even count these days, though West Nile virus is the most common one here in the United States. It was here in Massachusetts in 2017 and its return is inevitable. The Centers for Disease Control reported in May 2018 that diseases from mosquitoes and ticks have more than tripled since 2004, and that rate isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon.

One would think that because the City of Beverly is included in the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (NEMMC), there’s not much to worry about. But nothing could be further from the truth. A municipal program like that is primarily focused on doing their Beverly MA mosquito control in open areas like parks, wetlands, roadways, and other public areas, not private properties. The trucks that do fogging in the streets may eliminate the mosquitoes at the end of your driveway, but it’s not going to help your backyard Beverly MA mosquito control. Rarely does their treatment even reach your front door.

When it comes down to it, relying on a public program like the NEMMC is not a chance anybody wants to take to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses. Mosquito Squad’s top priority is keeping you, your family, and anyone who comes to visit safe from these little monsters on your own property, so you can enjoy backyard barbecues and other outside time in the summer without being chased inside or worrying about possibly contracting a dangerous disease. Our barrier spray treatment is your best bet for Beverly MA mosquito control at home, on your own property, guaranteeing nearly 90% fewer mosquitoes for three weeks at a time or your money back.

Long lasting Beverly MA mosquito control

The formula Mosquito Squad uses to eliminate mosquitoes and other yard pests is much different from NEMMC’s solution. It’s true that they both eliminate them on contact, but that’s where the similarities end. Their formula and process is called “adulticiding,” which only knocks down adult mosquitoes on contact. Meaning, any mosquitoes that were not in the way of the fog aren’t affected at all. Mosquito Squad’s formula is specially developed to be time-released and keep on working for three weeks after application, even stopping mosquito eggs from hatching, thus stopping the life cycle from continuing on your property.

How it works

The first thing we do upon arriving to your house is walk around your property, treating and eliminating any existing mosquito breeding sites with larvicide, which is the same kind of thing that NEMMC does in big public wetlands. However, the mosquitoes most likely to bite you are the ones that were born and raised on your own property, not in nearby swamp. So it’s important to treat the places where they’re growing, but not yet full-grown, adult mosquitoes. Our larvicide eliminates existing larvae and stops eggs from hatching, thus halting the life cycle of mosquitoes in your yard.

Then, we start treating your property from the outside inward with our EPA-registered barrier treatment, avoiding the things that bees are attracted to like flowers, but covering everything else. That means foliage and the undersides of leaves, trees, bushes, lawn furniture, above and under decks, you name it. Our formula dries in only 30 minutes, so you’ll be able to get back to enjoying your yard in no time. Once it’s dry, it’s now adhering to everything it was sprayed upon, but don’t worry — it’s not actually sticky. In fact, it’s both odorless and colorless. The secret to our formula is its micro encapsulation, which makes it slowly emit its active ingredient over time, much like extended released medications do. Any new mosquitoes or other bugs that encounter our formula in the next three weeks are eliminated shortly afterward. Nearly 90% of the mosquito population in your yard will be gone!

You don’t even need to worry about remembering to call us for re-application of our barrier treatment, because we offer seasonal plans so you can enjoy the summer outside at home and leave the bugs up to us. We’ll call you the day before too remind you that we’re coming, but you don’t even need to be home — we’ll leave a confirmation of service on your door when we leave.

Special circumstances call for special mosquito control systems

If you live in an area that is a little more “woodsy” than most, have waterfront property, or perhaps you’ve got a barn — definitely check out our automatic misting systems. These are custom designed and installed by our team on your property and emit a mist of our formula at pre-programmed intervals for about 45 seconds at a time. They also come with a remote control and app so that you can trigger the mist at your own discretion. Don’t worry – we try to make sure that the misters blend in with your property’s features as much as possible. How effective are they? How about over 90% effective? Misting systems are the heaviest-hitting Beverly MA mosquito control you can find, and the best part about them is that Mosquito Squad takes care of all the refills and maintenance for you. It’s truly a “set it and forget it” solution!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad firmly stands behind the effectiveness of our products. In fact, we use them ourselves. But if there’s any reason you’re not happy, please let us know. We’ll either give your property an additional treatment or offer your money back — no questions asked. We’re in the business of eliminating bugs, not customers. But we also know that smart consumers always do their research before choosing any company, so we encourage you to click the Google graphic on the right to read over 200 reviews from local homeowners who have used our services in the past.

Contact Mosquito Squad today to ensure your Beverly MA mosquito control protects you and your family at home, and take back your yard from pesky bugs this summer. It’s your yard, you deserve to enjoy it! Give us a call at 978-315-5811 or fill out the contact form on our home page and we’ll get in touch with you. We look forward to helping you fight the bite!

With Mosquito Squad, protection is guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your mosquito or tick control treatment, contact us within 21 days of that treatment for a re-spray at no additional charge, or a 100% refund of that treatment.

Don’t let the bugs crash your bash — call Mosquito Squad for a special event treatment

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, family reunion, birthday party, graduation party or other special event, don’t forget about the potential invasion of insects and other mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad offers a special event mosquito control service to make sure you and your guests aren’t on the mosquito menu.

A day or two in advance, we’ll visit the site of the occasion and spray the entire area down with our highly effective barrier spray. It dries in less than 30 minutes, so scheduling around caterers and other pre-event preparation is easy. Our treatment will eliminate the bugs on contact and for the duration of the entire event, so you’ll have to be the one to pressure your guests to leave, since the bugs won’t be doing that for you.

It’s easy being green with Mosquito Squad!

All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registerd, but we know that there are some people who prefer be as “green” and all-natural as possible whenever necessary. That’s why we developed our all-natural barrier treatment which we mix in-house and is based on essential oils.

Rather than an eliminator, it’s a repellant that confuses and thus “chases” the bugs off your property. It’s not quite as effective as our traditional barrier spray, but it’s pretty close — most customers notice a reduction in yard pests by up to 80%. It’s also time-released, but because of its botanical makeup it breaks down slightly faster, so we recommend reapplying our all-natural solution every two weeks instead of the traditional treatment’s three.

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